10 Steps to optimize the SEO of your landings

  1. Choose the  type of landing page you are going to work. The most important thing in any SEO guide for beginners is that you fix, from the start, all your strategy and have clear objectives. That’s why it’s vital that from the first moment you define what type of landing you will work.
  2. Decide  which keywords you will position yourself with. As you see, keywords are vital in any situation. It is important that you choose those that match your landing.
  3. These keywords must be in bold. This will give the user the opportunity to ensure, at a first glance, that you provide the solution you are looking for.
  4. Choose a  unique theme. That is, the one that has to do with the chosen keywords.
  5. Google rewards landing pages that constantly update their content. Modify headlines, remove or add visual content, etc.
  6. Make link building . The best advice is to follow good practices to make link building naturally. Google takes into account, especially, those quality links that position you as a trusted source.
  7. Include the main keyword in the URL of your landing page. 
  8. Avoid 404 errors, content that is not displayed on all devices and pop-ups.
  9. Another factor to take into account in this SEO guide for beginners is the loading speed of your landing . Since it directly affects the positioning.
  10. Responsive design is vital. Google also rewards landing pages that are optimized for any device. And this, even if it is an SEO guide for beginners, you should have assumed it some time ago.

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