5 SEO tips that will improve your web positioning from today

5 SEO tips that will improve your web positioning from today

Today we have in Blogesfera with  Borja Aranda , freelance SEO consultant where he will give us 5 SEO tips to improve the positioning of your website.

Without further ado we leave you with the guest article you sent us.

Normally there are no great tricks when it comes to improving the SEO web positioning of a web page. The only trick that usually exists is work well done over time.

However, this is not always the case and sometimes there are quick tricks that can help you improve the SEO web positioning of your website.

These tricks are based on the behavior patterns of Google after the implementation of a series of tips or tools on these web pages.

Keep in mind, that if you have not implemented any of the following tips on your website you will be missing a unique opportunity to improve your web positioning at a stroke and with very little effort.

I do not linger anymore. Let’s go with the tricks!

Install HTTPs on your WordPress website

One of the main SEO factors that will be final in this 2018 is the implementation of SSL certificates.

In fact, Google will reward in its searches all those web pages that are HTTPs over those that are not.

As if this were not enough, browsers such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox will mark as unsafe those web pages that lack an SSL certificate. This will not only harm the image you offer the user of your website, it will also harm your SEO.

In addition, if your website is developed with the WordPress CMS you can install an SSL certificate easily thanks to the free Let’s encrypt certificates and this tutorial on HTTPs .

Update the contents of your web page

Google likes live web pages. That is, those that update their content every so often because they understand that the updated content is the one that best responds to the user’s question.

Therefore, if after a while you notice a stagnation of your website in Google, I recommend that you update the contents of that page or post.

After doing it, you will see that after one or two days, the rankings for the different keywords of that page or post will improve substantially.

By content update it will be understood to write at least 500 more words in the post. However, it will also suffice to rewrite a couple of paragraphs.

Anyway, and whenever possible, the ideal would be to write new content that attack new keywords taking advantage of the post’s age.

Improve internal linking based on breadcrumbs

There is a false belief that in order to position a web page, many external links are needed to obtain authority or PageRank .

However, do you know how to distribute that authority throughout your website? Do you know how to take 100% of that strength?

To take advantage of all this strength without too much effort or headaches, it is best to use the famous breadcrumbs or breadcrumbs on your website.

Thanks to these bread crumbs, you will be able to create a coherent internal link in your website that distributes all that strength through internal links.

You can get these bread crumbs through the WordPress SEO SEO plugin Yoast SEO

Marking of structured data with WP Schema PRO

The implementation of structured data on your website will improve your web positioning at a stroke in a few days.

With this markup, you will tell Google what you can find on your web page, thus facilitating the tracking of your web page.

By providing this information and improving the tracking of your website, Google will reward you with a rise in their rankings.

To carry out this task there are two methods to carry it out.

Undoubtedly, if you want to carry out a correct implementation of structured data on your website it is best that you opt for the PRO method. This will be a bit more expensive, but you will achieve an important jump in the SERPs.

In the other way, the jump in Google will be less since the free option does not manage to make a mark of professional structured data.

Install AMP

The AMP technology created by Google is here to stay.

For this reason, it is best that you adapt your web page to it since Google will reward in its searches all web pages with AMP version.

Keep in mind, that Google is devoting a lot of efforts to the creation of this technology that looks for light web pages accessible from all over the world.

For this reason, Google is rewarding in its results the pages in the form of Rich Snippet.

To implement an AMP version on your WordPress website, it will be sufficient to install and configure the AMP for WordPress plugin .

This plugin will allow you to get an AMP version of your web page quickly and without much effort.

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