How to create content for a blog

How to create content for a blog

The key to the success of a blog , even before the SEO intervention, is to create quality content . So when it comes to creating your content, put yourself in the shoes of your reader.

Think about who your user is, what you need and create content that can help you. Try to be as detailed as possible when describing your target audience (what you do, how old you are, what your hobbies are, etc.)

When creating your content, whether in text, video or the format you choose, you must attend to the needs of your userand answer questions that may help them. Analyze what your problems are, what situations you would have to answer. Once you have fixed the main problem, analyze what other issues are derived from there.

For example, if we talk about a marketing blog, the main problem may be creating content with marketing tools (communication, social networks, growth hacking, branding, etc.).

However, you have to do research work to detect related topics that may interest your target audience. For example, how to make a marketing strategy, marketing tools tutorials, etc. All this will be very simple from a study of keywords .

What is a keyword study?

The study of keywords serves to anticipate and know the real needs of the users of your niche. A study of keywords is done with tools such as Google itself (If you do a search, at the bottom Google offers similar searches on the topic you’re looking for), the Google Ads Planner or Semrush. With this study what you do is to know the searches made by users and work different topics on your blog based on these searches.

A blog can help you find a job

If, on the other hand, you are actively looking for a job and you want to work more on your personal brand , then the blog is your best ally. In this case, the content should be in line with your skills and knowledge. Make your blog show the best of you.

If you are clear that the purpose of a blog is to create good and useful content, then we can already see SEO concepts with which to promote your articles.

4 fundamental steps to take your blog to fruition

  1. Define your user (as you would do with a presona buyer )
  2. Detects the information needs of this user
  3. Search the contents (in form and background) that best meet those needs.
  4. To create! Always make quality content by thinking of the readers, not Google.
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